Release Agents, Diving & Slicing Oils

Goldwax Spray

This is a release agent in a handy aerosol based on vegetable oils and waxes and rapeseed lecithin, very suitable for difficult to release pastry products. Thanks to the convenient 600 ml spray, this release agent based on vegetable oils and waxes is very easy to apply. Goldwax Spray has a high release power and ensures that your pastry creations are released from the tin undamaged time and again. It is ideal for smaller production runs.
Packaging: Bottle 600 ml
Code: 380300

Ε 40

This product is an emulsion based on 40% vegetable oil. It is suitable for various types of large and small breads. The excellent bonding properties mean a good adhesion to the sides of the baking tins.
Packaging: Bottle 20 lt
Code: 380302 

Division 30

Divison 30 is a high quality lubricant for dough dividing equipment and dough hoppers. Divison 30 also slows down rubberisation, preventing pipes from blocking and ensures oil dosing in the machines continues to operate according to factory instructions.
Packaging: Bottle 20 lt  / Tank 1000 lt
Code: 380401 / 380400